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Person Peerage Start On End On
George Francis William Child Villiers Grandison (Viscountcy) Sun 9th Aug 1998
George Augustus Frederick Child-Villiers Grandison (Viscountcy) Mon 3rd Oct 1859 Mon 24th Oct 1859
George Bussy Villiers Grandison (Viscountcy) Mon 28th Aug 1769 Thu 22nd Aug 1805
George Child-Villiers Grandison (Viscountcy) Thu 22nd Aug 1805 Mon 3rd Oct 1859
Victor Albert George Child-Villiers Grandison (Viscountcy) Mon 24th Oct 1859 Mon 31st May 1915
George Henry Robert Child-Villiers Grandison (Viscountcy) Mon 31st May 1915 Mon 31st Dec 1923
William Hall Gage Gage (Barony) Mon 1st Nov 1790 Tue 11th Oct 1791
Henry Nicolas Gage Gage (Barony) Tue 30th Nov 1993
George John St Clere Gage Gage (Barony) Sat 27th Feb 1982 Tue 30th Nov 1993
Henry Gage Gage (Barony) Tue 11th Oct 1791 Fri 29th Jan 1808
Henry Hall Gage Gage (Barony) Fri 29th Jan 1808 Sat 20th Jan 1877
Henry Charles Gage Gage (Barony) Sat 20th Jan 1877 Thu 18th Apr 1912
Henry Rainald Gage Gage (Barony) Thu 18th Apr 1912 Sat 27th Feb 1982
Henri de Massue Galway (Viscountcy) Tue 25th Nov 1692 Tue 3rd Sep 1720
George Goring Goring (Barony) Fri 14th Apr 1628 Sat 6th Jan 1663
Edward Gorges Gorges (Barony) Mon 13th Jul 1620
Alexander Stewart Garlies (Lordship) Thu 19th Jul 1607 Sat 9th Oct 1649
John Stewart Garlies (Lordship) Fri 24th Sep 1773 Thu 13th Nov 1806
Randolph Keith Reginald Stewart Garlies (Lordship) Tue 13th Jun 1978 Fri 27th Mar 2020
Alan Plantagenet Stewart Garlies (Lordship) Thu 2nd Jan 1873 Thu 7th Feb 1901