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Person Peerage Start On End On
Alfred William Maitland FitzRoy of Grafton (Dukedom) Wed 4th Dec 1918 Fri 10th Jan 1930
John Charles William FitzRoy of Grafton (Dukedom) Fri 10th Jan 1930 Tue 4th Aug 1936
Charles Alfred Euston FitzRoy of Grafton (Dukedom) Tue 4th Aug 1936 Wed 11th Nov 1970
Charles Legh Shuldham Cornwall-Legh Grey of Codnor (Barony) Wed 4th Oct 1989 Mon 23rd Dec 1996
Richard de Grey Grey of Codnor (Barony) Mon 17th Sep 1397 Mon 1st Aug 1418
Richard Henry Cornwall-Legh Grey of Codnor (Barony) Mon 23rd Dec 1996
Ford Grey Glendale (Viscountcy) Wed 11th May 1695 Fri 24th Jun 1701
John Maitland of Guilford (Earldom) Mon 25th Jun 1674 Mon 24th Aug 1682
William Wyndham Grenville Grenville (Barony) Thu 25th Nov 1790 Sun 12th Jan 1834
William Cecil Pery Glentworth (Barony) Wed 2nd Jun 1790 Fri 4th Jul 1794
Edmund Henry Pery Glentworth (Barony) Fri 4th Jul 1794 Sat 7th Dec 1844
Patrick Edmund Pery Glentworth (Barony) Fri 4th Aug 1967 Wed 8th Jan 2003
Edmund Christopher Pery Glentworth (Barony) Wed 8th Jan 2003
William Tenison Pery Glentworth (Barony) Sat 7th Dec 1844 Fri 5th Jan 1866
William Hale John Charles Pery Glentworth (Barony) Fri 5th Jan 1866 Sat 8th Aug 1896
William Henry Edmund de Vere Sheaffe Pery Glentworth (Barony) Sat 8th Aug 1896 Mon 18th Mar 1929
Edmund Colquhoun Pery Glentworth (Barony) Mon 18th Mar 1929 Fri 4th Aug 1967
Oliver St John Grandison (Viscountcy) Sun 3rd Jan 1621 Mon 30th Dec 1630
John Villiers Grandison (Viscountcy) Wed 16th Dec 1699 Wed 14th May 1766
George Francis Child-Villiers Grandison (Viscountcy) Mon 31st Dec 1923 Sun 9th Aug 1998