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Person Peerage Start On End On
Edward Anthony John Preston Gormanston (Viscountcy) Fri 10th Feb 1860 Thu 28th Sep 1876
Jenico Nicholas Dudley Preston Gormanston (Viscountcy) Sun 9th Jun 1940
Angus Diarmid Ian Campbell-Gray Gray (Lordship) Wed 2nd Oct 1946 Tue 29th Apr 2003
Andrew Gray Gray (Lordship)
Andrew Godfrey Diarmid Stuart Campbell-Gray Gray (Lordship) Tue 29th Apr 2003
George Philip Stuart Gray (Lordship) Mon 27th May 1878 Sat 16th Mar 1895
Henri de Massue of Galway (Earldom) Sun 12th May 1697 Tue 3rd Sep 1720
Elizabeth Halifax Grandison (Viscountcy) Sun 10th Apr 1746 Wed 29th May 1782
Henry FitzRoy of Grafton (Dukedom) Wed 11th Sep 1675 Mon 9th Oct 1690
Henry Oliver Charles FitzRoy of Grafton (Dukedom) Thu 7th Apr 2011
Hugh Denis Charles FitzRoy of Grafton (Dukedom) Wed 11th Nov 1970 Thu 7th Apr 2011
Henry FitzRoy of Grafton (Dukedom) Sat 28th Sep 1844 Thu 26th Mar 1863
William Henry FitzRoy of Grafton (Dukedom) Thu 26th Mar 1863 Sun 21st May 1882
Charles FitzRoy of Grafton (Dukedom) Mon 9th Oct 1690 Fri 6th May 1757
Augustus Henry FitzRoy of Grafton (Dukedom) Fri 6th May 1757 Thu 14th Mar 1811
George Henry FitzRoy of Grafton (Dukedom) Thu 14th Mar 1811 Sat 28th Sep 1844
Augustus Charles Lennox FitzRoy of Grafton (Dukedom) Sun 21st May 1882 Wed 4th Dec 1918
Alfred William Maitland FitzRoy of Grafton (Dukedom) Wed 4th Dec 1918 Fri 10th Jan 1930
John Charles William FitzRoy of Grafton (Dukedom) Fri 10th Jan 1930 Tue 4th Aug 1936
Charles Alfred Euston FitzRoy of Grafton (Dukedom) Tue 4th Aug 1936 Wed 11th Nov 1970