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Person Peerage Start On End On
Edward Augustus of York and Albany (Dukedom) Tue 1st Apr 1760 Thu 17th Sep 1767
Ernest Augustus of York and Albany (Dukedom) Sun 5th Jul 1716 Tue 3rd Aug 1728
James of York (Dukedom) Wed 27th Jan 1644 Tue 6th Feb 1685
Frederick of York and Albany (Dukedom) Mon 29th Nov 1784 Fri 5th Jan 1827
Amalie Sophie de Wallmoden Yarmouth (Barony) Thu 24th Mar 1740 Sat 19th Oct 1765
Amalie Sophie de Wallmoden of Yarmouth (Earldom) Thu 24th Mar 1740 Sat 19th Oct 1765
John Denton Pinkstone French of Ypres (Earldom) Mon 5th Jun 1922 Fri 22nd May 1925
Robert Paston of Yarmouth (Earldom) Sun 30th Jul 1679 Mon 8th Mar 1683
Barry Yelverton Yelverton (Barony) Mon 15th Jun 1795 Mon 19th Aug 1805
Charles Pelham Yarborough (Barony) Mon 22nd Sep 1823 Sat 5th Sep 1846
Charles Anderson Pelham Yarborough (Barony) Wed 13th Aug 1794 Mon 22nd Sep 1823
John Edward Pelham Yarborough (Barony) Fri 2nd Dec 1966 Thu 21st Mar 1991
Charles John Pelham Yarborough (Barony) Thu 21st Mar 1991
Charles Anderson Worsley Anderson-Pelham Yarborough (Barony) Sat 5th Sep 1846 Tue 7th Jan 1862
Charles Anderson-Pelham Yarborough (Barony) Tue 7th Jan 1862 Sat 6th Feb 1875
Charles Alfred Worsley Pelham Yarborough (Barony) Sat 6th Feb 1875 Sun 12th Jul 1936
Sackville George Pelham Yarborough (Barony) Sun 12th Jul 1936 Sat 7th Feb 1948
Marcus Herbert Pelham Yarborough (Barony) Sat 7th Feb 1948 Fri 2nd Dec 1966
Francis Seymour-Conway of Yarmouth (Earldom) Fri 5th Jul 1793 Sat 14th Jun 1794
Hugh Edward Conway Seymour of Yarmouth (Earldom) Fri 16th Feb 1940 Mon 22nd Dec 1997