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John George Vanderbilt Henry Spencer-Churchill of Marlborough (Earldom) Sat 11th Mar 1972 Thu 16th Oct 2014
George Spencer of Marlborough (Earldom) Fri 20th Oct 1758 Wed 29th Jan 1817
George Spencer-Churchill of Marlborough (Earldom) Thu 5th Mar 1840 Wed 1st Jul 1857
John Winston Spencer-Churchill of Marlborough (Earldom) Wed 1st Jul 1857 Thu 5th Jul 1883
George Charles Spencer-Churchill of Marlborough (Earldom) Thu 5th Jul 1883 Wed 9th Nov 1892
Charles Richard John Spencer-Churchill of Marlborough (Earldom) Wed 9th Nov 1892 Sat 30th Jun 1934
John Albert Edward William Spencer-Churchill of Marlborough (Earldom) Sat 30th Jun 1934 Sat 11th Mar 1972
Thomas Wharton of Malmesbury (Marquessate) Fri 15th Feb 1715 Fri 12th Apr 1715
Philip Wharton of Malmesbury (Marquessate) Fri 12th Apr 1715 Sun 20th May 1731
Charles Mordaunt of Monmouth (Earldom) Sat 9th Apr 1689 Fri 21st Oct 1735
Charles Henry Mordaunt of Monmouth (Earldom) Sun 1st Aug 1779 Thu 16th Jun 1814
Ralph Montagu Monthermer (Viscountcy) Sat 9th Apr 1689 Sat 9th Mar 1709
Thomas Wentworth of Malton (Earldom) Fri 19th Nov 1734 Mon 14th Dec 1750
Charles Watson-Wentworth of Malton (Earldom) Mon 14th Dec 1750 Mon 1st Jul 1782
Crawford Murray MacLehose MacLehose of Beoch, of Maybole in the District of Kyle and Carrick and of Victoria in Hong Kong (Barony) Fri 21st May 1982 Sat 27th May 2000
Patricia Morris Morris of Bolton, of Bolton in the County of Greater Manchester (Barony) Wed 9th Jun 2004
John Clarke MacDermott MacDermott, of Belmont in the City of Belfast (Barony) Wed 23rd Apr 1947 Fri 13th Jul 1979
Charles Glen MacAndrew MacAndrew, of the Firth of Clyde (Barony) Tue 8th Dec 1959 Thu 11th Jan 1979
Colin Nevil Glen MacAndrew MacAndrew, of the Firth of Clyde (Barony) Thu 11th Jan 1979 Sun 9th Jul 1989
Christopher Anthony Colin MacAndrew MacAndrew, of the Firth of Clyde (Barony) Sun 9th Jul 1989 Fri 3rd Mar 2023