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Person Peerage Start On End On
John Anthony Brabazon of Meath (Earldom) Sat 19th Dec 1998
William Brabazon of Meath (Earldom) Sat 15th Mar 1851 Thu 26th May 1887
Reginald Brabazon of Meath (Earldom) Thu 26th May 1887 Fri 11th Oct 1929
Reginald Le Normand Brabazon of Meath (Earldom) Fri 11th Oct 1929 Thu 10th Mar 1949
Edward Brabazon of Meath (Earldom) Mon 18th Dec 1651 Mon 25th Mar 1675
William Brabazon of Meath (Earldom) Mon 25th Mar 1675
Chambre Brabazon of Meath (Earldom) Wed 22nd Feb 1708 Mon 1st Apr 1715
Chaworth Brabazon of Meath (Earldom) Mon 1st Apr 1715 Sat 14th May 1763
Mountjoy Blount Mountjoy (Barony) Wed 31st Jan 1618 Fri 12th Feb 1666
Theobald Bourke Mayo (Viscountcy) Mon 21st Jun 1627 Mon 18th Jun 1629
Hugh Montgomery of Mount Alexander (Earldom) Mon 18th Jul 1661 Sat 15th Sep 1663
Alexander Stewart of Mar (Earldom) Tue 9th Dec 1404 Tue 26th Jul 1435
John Erskine of Mar (Earldom) Sat 23rd Jun 1565 Tue 28th Oct 1572
Margaret of Mar of Mar (Earldom) Mon 21st Apr 1975
John Francis Miller Erskine of Mar (Earldom) Sat 20th Sep 1828 Tue 19th Jun 1866
John Erskine of Mar (Earldom) Mon 23rd May 1689 Mon 17th Feb 1716
John Francis Erskine Goodeve-Erskine of Mar (Earldom) Tue 19th Jun 1866 Tue 17th Jun 1930
John Francis Erskine of Mar (Earldom) Thu 17th Jun 1824 Sat 20th Aug 1825
John Thomas Erskine of Mar (Earldom) Sat 20th Aug 1825 Sat 20th Sep 1828
John Francis Hamilton Sinclair Cunliffe Brooks Forbes Goodeve-Erskine of Mar (Earldom) Tue 17th Jun 1930 Thu 29th Sep 1932