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Person Peerage Start On End On
Arthur Robin Ian Hill Kilwarlin (Viscountcy) Tue 28th Mar 1989 Thu 18th Dec 2003
Arthur Wills Percy Wellington Blundell Trumbull Sandys Hill Kilwarlin (Viscountcy) Wed 29th May 1918 Tue 28th Mar 1989
Arthur Wills Blundell Sandys Trumbull Windsor Hill Kilwarlin (Viscountcy) Sat 12th Apr 1845 Thu 6th Aug 1868
Arthur Hill Kilwarlin (Viscountcy) Mon 7th Oct 1793 Mon 7th Sep 1801
Arthur Blundell Sandys Trumbull Hill Kilwarlin (Viscountcy) Mon 7th Sep 1801 Sat 12th Apr 1845
Arthur Wills Blundell Trumbull Sandys Roden Hill Kilwarlin (Viscountcy) Thu 6th Aug 1868 Tue 31st Mar 1874
Arthur Wills John Wellington Trumbull Blundell Hill Kilwarlin (Viscountcy) Tue 31st Mar 1874 Wed 29th May 1918
Henry Grey of Kent (Dukedom) Mon 28th Apr 1710 Sun 5th Jun 1740
Arthur Wolfe Kilwarden (Viscountcy) Thu 8th Jan 1801 Sat 23rd Jul 1803
John Wolfe Kilwarden (Viscountcy) Sat 23rd Jul 1803 Sat 22nd May 1830
John Denny Vesey Knapton (Barony) Fri 10th Apr 1750 Thu 25th Jun 1761
Thomas Vesey Knapton (Barony) Thu 25th Jun 1761 Sat 13th Oct 1804
Thomas Vesey Knapton (Barony) Fri 19th Oct 1855 Thu 23rd Dec 1875
John Robert William Vesey Knapton (Barony) Thu 23rd Dec 1875 Mon 6th Jul 1903
John Vesey Knapton (Barony) Sat 13th Oct 1804 Tue 9th Oct 1855
Yvo Richard Vesey Knapton (Barony) Mon 6th Jul 1903 Sat 16th Aug 1958
David Boyle Kelburn (Viscountcy) Thu 12th Apr 1703 Sat 31st Oct 1733
George Boyle Kelburn (Viscountcy) Tue 7th Mar 1775 Thu 6th Jul 1843
David Boyle Kelburn (Viscountcy) Wed 23rd Apr 1890 Mon 13th Dec 1915
Patrick Robin Archibald Boyle Kelburn (Viscountcy) Fri 8th Jun 1984