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Person Peerage Start On End On
Hugh William Gough Gough, of Goojerat of the Punjaub and of the City of Limerick in Ireland (Viscountcy) Tue 14th Oct 1919 Tue 4th Dec 1951
Benjamin Alexander Gascoigne Gascoigne, of Pendle in the County of Lancashire (Barony) Mon 10th Jul 2023
John Campbell of Greenwich (Earldom) Thu 26th Nov 1705 Fri 4th Oct 1743
Sidney Godolphin of Godolphin (Earldom) Sun 26th Dec 1706 Thu 15th Sep 1712
Francis Godolphin of Godolphin (Earldom) Thu 15th Sep 1712 Fri 17th Jan 1766
Scrope Howe Glenawly (Barony) Mon 16th May 1701 Thu 26th Jan 1713
Emanuel Scrope Howe Glenawly (Barony) Thu 26th Jan 1713 Tue 29th Mar 1735
George Augustus Howe Glenawly (Barony) Tue 29th Mar 1735 Thu 6th Jul 1758
Richard Howe Glenawly (Barony) Thu 6th Jul 1758 Mon 5th Aug 1799
William Howe Glenawly (Barony) Mon 5th Aug 1799 Tue 12th Jul 1814
John Granville Granville (Barony) Tue 13th Mar 1703 Sat 3rd Dec 1707
Standish O'Grady Guillamore (Viscountcy) Thu 6th Jan 1831 Tue 21st Apr 1840
Standish Darby O'Grady Guillamore (Viscountcy) Tue 21st Apr 1840 Sat 22nd Jul 1848
Standish O'Grady Guillamore (Viscountcy) Sat 22nd Jul 1848 Tue 10th Apr 1860
Paget Standish O'Grady Guillamore (Viscountcy) Tue 10th Apr 1860 Sun 29th Jul 1877
Hardress Standish O'Grady Guillamore (Viscountcy) Sun 29th Jul 1877 Wed 6th Feb 1918
Frederick Standish O'Grady Guillamore (Viscountcy) Wed 6th Feb 1918 Tue 11th Oct 1927
Richard Butler of Glengall (Earldom) Mon 15th Jan 1816 Sat 30th Jan 1819
Richard Butler of Glengall (Earldom) Sat 30th Jan 1819 Tue 22nd Jun 1858
James Henry Mussen Campbell Glenavy, of Milltown in the County of Dublin (Barony) Tue 26th Jul 1921 Sun 22nd Mar 1931