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Person Peerage Start On End On
Henry Carey of Dover (Earldom) Wed 8th Mar 1628
Joseph Yorke Dover (Barony) Thu 18th Sep 1788 Sun 2nd Dec 1792
William Douglas-Hamilton Daer and Shortcleuch (Lordship) Sat 4th Aug 1646 Wed 6th Oct 1688
George Nigel Douglas-Hamilton Daer and Shortcleuch (Lordship) Sat 16th Mar 1940 Thu 24th Nov 1994
James Alexander Douglas-Hamilton Daer and Shortcleuch (Lordship) Thu 24th Nov 1994 Thu 1st Dec 1994
Thomas Douglas Daer and Shortcleuch (Lordship) Sun 26th May 1799 Sat 8th Apr 1820
Dunbar James Douglas Daer and Shortcleuch (Lordship) Sat 8th Apr 1820 Sat 11th Apr 1885
William Dungan Dungan (Viscountcy) Tue 14th Feb 1662
William Dungan Dungan (Barony) Tue 14th Feb 1662
Richard Boyle Dungarvan (Viscountcy) Fri 16th Oct 1620 Tue 15th Sep 1643
John William Boyle Dungarvan (Viscountcy) Tue 8th Aug 1995 Fri 14th Nov 2003
Richard Edmund St Lawrence Boyle Dungarvan (Viscountcy) Sun 29th Jun 1856 Wed 22nd Jun 1904
Richard Boyle Dungarvan (Viscountcy) Tue 15th Sep 1643 Sun 28th Jan 1663
Patrick Reginald Boyle Dungarvan (Viscountcy) Wed 19th Apr 1967 Tue 8th Aug 1995
Edmund Boyle Dungarvan (Viscountcy) Sat 6th Oct 1798 Sun 29th Jun 1856
Charles Spencer Canning Boyle Dungarvan (Viscountcy) Wed 22nd Jun 1904 Wed 25th Mar 1925
Robert John Lascelles Boyle Dungarvan (Viscountcy) Wed 25th Mar 1925 Sat 13th Oct 1934
William Henry Dudley Boyle Dungarvan (Viscountcy) Sat 13th Oct 1934 Wed 19th Apr 1967
James Dillon Dillon (Barony) Fri 24th Jan 1620
Marcus Trevor Dungannon (Viscountcy) Mon 28th Aug 1662 Fri 3rd Jan 1670