Selby (Viscountcy)

Selby, of the City of Carlisle (Viscountcy)

A peerage of the United Kingdom.

Letters patent issued on Thu 6th Jul 1905

To William Court Gully as Hereditary peerage.


Number Surname Forenames Held from Held to
1st Gully William Court Thu 6th Jul 1905 Sat 6th Nov 1909
2nd Gully James William Herschell Sat 6th Nov 1909 Fri 2nd Feb 1923
3rd Gully Thomas Sutton Evelyn Fri 2nd Feb 1923 Fri 18th Sep 1959
4th Gully Michael Guy John Fri 18th Sep 1959 Fri 10th Jan 1997
5th Gully Edward Thomas William Fri 10th Jan 1997 Tue 23rd Jan 2001

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