Audley (Barony)

A peerage of the Kingdom of England.

No Letters Patent issued

Peerage created by writ? Yes


Number Surname Forenames Held from Held to
1st Audley Nicholas Mon 8th Jan 1313 Sun 28th Nov 1316
11th Tuchet George Thu 30th Dec 1563 Mon 20th Feb 1617
13th Tuchet James - Wed 11th Oct 1684
19th Thicknesse-Touchet George Tue 22nd Apr 1777 Mon 24th Aug 1818
20th Thicknesse-Touchet George John Mon 24th Aug 1818 Sat 14th Jan 1837
21st Thicknesse-Touchet George Edward Sat 14th Jan 1837 Thu 18th Apr 1872
22nd Thicknesse-Touchet Mary Mon 17th May 1937 Wed 27th May 1942
23rd Tuchet-Jesson Thomas Percy Henry Wed 27th May 1942 Wed 3rd Jul 1963
24th Macnamee Rosina Lois Veronica Wed 3rd Jul 1963 Wed 24th Oct 1973
25th Souter Richard Michael Thomas Wed 24th Oct 1973 Fri 27th Jun 1997

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Wikidata: Q2884764