Willoughby de Broke (Barony)

A peerage of the Kingdom of England.

No Letters Patent issued

Peerage created by writ? Yes


Number Surname Forenames Held from Held to
1st Willoughby Robert Fri 12th Aug 1491 Wed 28th Sep 1502
14th Peyto-Verney John Fri 11th Aug 1752 Thu 15th Feb 1816
15th Peyto-Verney John Thu 15th Feb 1816 Fri 1st Sep 1820
16th Peyto-Verney Henry Fri 1st Sep 1820 Thu 16th Dec 1852
17th Verney Robert John Thu 16th Dec 1852 Fri 6th Jun 1862
18th Verney Henry Fri 6th Jun 1862 Fri 19th Dec 1902
19th Verney Richard Greville Fri 19th Dec 1902 Sun 16th Dec 1923
20th Verney John Henry Peyto Sun 16th Dec 1923 Sun 25th May 1986
21st Verney Leopold David Sun 25th May 1986 -

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