of Rothes (Earldom)

of Rothes (Earldom)

A peerage of the Kingdom of Scotland.

Letters patent issued (date unknown)

To George Leslie as Promotion.

Nature of Special Remainder

Peerages which may be inherited by a female direct descendant.

Note: Regranted by letters patent of 4 Jun. 1663 with SR to heirs female


Number Surname Forenames Held from Held to
1st Leslie George - -
9th Leslie John Fri 20th Aug 1700 Sat 9th May 1722
10th Leslie John Sat 9th May 1722 Thu 10th Dec 1767
12th Pepys Jane Elizabeth Fri 18th Jun 1773 Sat 2nd Jun 1810
13th Evelyn-Leslie George William Sat 2nd Jun 1810 Tue 11th Feb 1817
14th Leslie Henrietta Anne Tue 11th Feb 1817 Sat 30th Jan 1819
15th Leslie George William Evelyn Sat 30th Jan 1819 Wed 10th Mar 1841
16th Leslie George William Evelyn Wed 10th Mar 1841 Sun 2nd Jan 1859
17th Waldegrave-Leslie Henrietta Anderson Morshead Sun 2nd Jan 1859 Wed 10th Feb 1886
18th Haworth-Leslie Mary Elizabeth Wed 10th Feb 1886 Tue 19th Sep 1893
19th Leslie Norman Evelyn Tue 19th Sep 1893 Tue 29th Mar 1927
20th Leslie Malcolm George Dyer-Edwardes Tue 29th Mar 1927 Sat 17th May 1975
21st Leslie Ian Lionel Malcolm Sat 17th May 1975 Fri 15th Apr 2005

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