Abernethy (Lordship)

A peerage of the Kingdom of Scotland.

Letters patent issued on Fri 30th Jan 1562

To James Stewart as Hereditary peerage subsidiary to another created by the same letters patent.

Nature of Special Remainder

Peerages which may be inherited by a female direct descendant.

Note: Regranted by letters patent of 1 Jun. 1566 with SR to heirs and assigns whatsoever


Number Surname Forenames Held from Held to
1st Stewart James Fri 30th Jan 1562 Mon 23rd Jan 1570
8th Stuart James Fri 11th Dec 1739 Sun 5th Jul 1767
9th Stuart Francis Sun 5th Jul 1767 Tue 28th Aug 1810
10th Stuart Francis Tue 28th Aug 1810 Wed 12th Jan 1848
11th Stuart Francis Wed 12th Jan 1848 Fri 6th May 1859
12th Stuart John Fri 6th May 1859 Fri 8th Nov 1867
13th Stuart Archibald George Philip Fri 8th Nov 1867 Mon 12th Feb 1872
14th Stuart George Philip Mon 12th Feb 1872 Sat 16th Mar 1895
15th Stuart Edmund Archibald Sat 16th Mar 1895 Tue 11th Jun 1901
16th Stuart Francis James Tue 11th Jun 1901 Sat 20th Nov 1909
17th Stuart Morton Gray Sat 20th Nov 1909 Sat 19th Apr 1930
18th Stuart Francis Douglas Sat 19th Apr 1930 Fri 9th Jul 1943
19th Stuart Archibald John Morton Fri 9th Jul 1943 Wed 27th Mar 1974
20th Stuart Douglas John Moray Wed 27th Mar 1974 Fri 23rd Sep 2011