Campbell of Loudoun (Lordship)

A peerage of the Kingdom of Scotland.

Letters patent issued on Sun 8th Jul 1601

To Hugh Campbell as Hereditary peerage.

Nature of Special Remainder

Peerages which may be inherited by a female direct descendant.

Note: SR to heirs whatsoever


Number Surname Forenames Held from Held to
1st Campbell Hugh Sun 8th Jul 1601 -
2nd Campbell John - Wed 15th Mar 1662
4th Campbell Hugh - Tue 20th Nov 1731
5th Campbell John Tue 20th Nov 1731 Sat 27th Apr 1782
7th Rawdon-Hastings Flora Fri 28th Apr 1786 Wed 8th Jan 1840
8th Rawdon-Hastings George Augustus Francis Wed 8th Jan 1840 Sat 13th Jan 1844
9th Rawdon-Hastings Paulyn Reginald Serlo Sat 13th Jan 1844 Fri 17th Jan 1851
10th Rawdon-Hastings Henry Weysford Charles Plantagenet Fri 17th Jan 1851 Tue 10th Nov 1868
11th Abney-Hastings Edith Maud Tue 10th Nov 1868 Fri 23rd Jan 1874
12th Rawdon-Hastings Charles Edward Fri 23rd Jan 1874 Mon 17th May 1920
13th Abney-Hastings Edith Maud Mon 17th May 1920 Wed 24th Feb 1960
14th Abney-Hastings Barbara Huddleston Wed 24th Feb 1960 Fri 1st Nov 2002