of Kirkaldie (Viscountcy)

of Kirkaldie (Viscountcy)

A peerage of the Kingdom of Scotland.

Letters patent issued on Sat 8th Apr 1690

To George Melville as Hereditary peerage subsidiary to another created by the same letters patent.


Number Surname Forenames Held from Held to
1st Melville George Sat 8th Apr 1690 Fri 20th May 1707
2nd Leslie David Fri 20th May 1707 Sun 6th Jun 1728
4th Leslie Alexander - Mon 2nd Sep 1754
5th Leslie David Mon 2nd Sep 1754 Wed 9th Jun 1802
6th Leslie-Melville Alexander Wed 9th Jun 1802 Tue 22nd Feb 1820
7th Leslie-Melville David Tue 22nd Feb 1820 Mon 8th Oct 1860
8th Leslie-Melville John Thornton Mon 8th Oct 1860 Sat 16th Sep 1876
9th Leslie-Melville Alexander Sat 16th Sep 1876 Tue 22nd Oct 1889
10th Leslie-Melville Ronald Ruthven Tue 22nd Oct 1889 Tue 21st Aug 1906
11th Leslie-Melville John David Tue 21st Aug 1906 Wed 11th Jun 1913
12th Leslie-Melville Archibald Alexander Wed 11th Jun 1913 Wed 15th Jan 1947
13th Leslie Melville Alexander Robert Wed 15th Jan 1947 Sat 7th Apr 2012
14th Leslie Melville Alexander Ian Sat 7th Apr 2012 -