Fairfax of Cameron (Lordship)

A peerage of the Kingdom of Scotland.

Letters patent issued on Mon 18th Oct 1627

To Thomas Fairfax as Hereditary peerage.


Number Surname Forenames Held from Held to
1st Fairfax Thomas Mon 18th Oct 1627 Tue 1st May 1640
8th Fairfax Bryan Mon 15th Jul 1793 Sat 7th Aug 1802
9th Fairfax Thomas Sat 7th Aug 1802 Tue 21st Apr 1846
10th Fairfax Charles Snowden Tue 21st Apr 1846 Sun 4th Apr 1869
11th Fairfax John Contee Sun 4th Apr 1869 Fri 28th Sep 1900
12th Fairfax Albert Kirby Fri 28th Sep 1900 Wed 4th Oct 1939
13th Fairfax Thomas Brian McKelvie Wed 4th Oct 1939 Wed 8th Apr 1964
14th Fairfax Nicholas John Albert Wed 8th Apr 1964 -

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