Brabazon (Barony)

A peerage of the Kingdom of Ireland.

Letters patent issued on Tue 19th Jul 1616

To Edward Brabazon as Peerage of Ireland.


Number Surname Forenames Held from Held to
1st Brabazon Edward Tue 19th Jul 1616 Thu 7th Aug 1625
2nd Brabazon William Thu 7th Aug 1625 Mon 18th Dec 1651
3rd Brabazon Edward Mon 18th Dec 1651 Fri 30th Oct 1665
4th Brabazon William Fri 30th Oct 1665 -
6th Brabazon Chambre Wed 22nd Feb 1708 Sat 9th Mar 1715
7th Brabazon Chaworth Sat 9th Mar 1715 Sat 14th May 1763
11th Brabazon John Chambre Fri 26th May 1797 Sat 15th Mar 1851
12th Brabazon William Sat 15th Mar 1851 Thu 26th May 1887
13th Brabazon Reginald Thu 26th May 1887 Fri 11th Oct 1929
14th Brabazon Reginald Le Normand Fri 11th Oct 1929 Thu 10th Mar 1949
15th Brabazon Anthony Windham Normand Thu 10th Mar 1949 Sat 19th Dec 1998
16th Brabazon John Anthony Sat 19th Dec 1998 -