Ikerrin (Viscountcy)

A peerage of the Kingdom of Ireland.

Letters patent issued on Sat 12th May 1629

To Pierce Butler as Peerage of Ireland.


Number Surname Forenames Held from Held to
1st Butler Pierce Sat 12th May 1629 -
8th Butler Somerset Hamilton Mon 20th Oct 1721 Fri 15th Apr 1774
9th Butler Henry Thomas Fri 15th Apr 1774 Tue 20th Jul 1813
10th Butler Somerset Richard Tue 20th Jul 1813 Sun 4th Feb 1838
11th Butler Henry Thomas Sun 4th Feb 1838 Thu 16th Apr 1846
12th Butler Somerset Arthur Thu 16th Apr 1846 Sun 22nd Dec 1901
13th Butler Charles Henry Somerset Sun 22nd Dec 1901 Tue 6th Apr 1909
14th Butler Charles Ernest Alfred French Somerset Tue 6th Apr 1909 Mon 2nd Nov 1931
15th Butler Theobald Walter Somerset Henry Mon 2nd Nov 1931 Wed 31st Jul 1957
16th Butler Brian Stuart Theobald Somerset Caher Wed 31st Jul 1957 Mon 5th Oct 1992
17th Butler David James Theobald Somerset Mon 5th Oct 1992 Tue 8th Jan 2008