Lucas (Barony)

A peerage of the Kingdom of England.

Letters patent issued on Mon 7th May 1663

To Mary Grey as Hereditary peerage.

Nature of Special Remainder

Peerages which may be inherited by a female direct descendant.

Note: SR to hm by husband Anthony Earl of Kent, whom failing, to heirs of body by same, with provision barring abeyance


Number Surname Forenames Held from Held to
1st Grey Mary Mon 7th May 1663 Wed 1st Nov 1702
2nd Grey Henry Wed 1st Nov 1702 Tue 8th Nov 1718
3rd Grey Anthony Tue 8th Nov 1718 Wed 21st Jul 1723
4th Yorke Jemima Sun 5th Jun 1740 Wed 11th Jan 1797
5th Hume-Campbell Amabell Wed 11th Jan 1797 Sat 4th May 1833
6th de Grey Thomas Philip Sat 4th May 1833 Mon 14th Nov 1859
7th Cowper Anne Florence Mon 14th Nov 1859 Fri 23rd Jul 1880
8th Cowper Francis Thomas de Grey Fri 23rd Jul 1880 Wed 19th Jul 1905
9th Herbert Auberon Thomas Wed 19th Jul 1905 Fri 3rd Nov 1916
10th Cooper Nan Ino Fri 3rd Nov 1916 Sun 23rd Nov 1958
11th Palmer Anne Rosemary Sun 23rd Nov 1958 Tue 31st Dec 1991
12th Palmer Ralph Matthew Tue 31st Dec 1991 -

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