Barnard (Barony)

A peerage of the Kingdom of England.

Letters patent issued on Fri 25th Jul 1698

To Christopher Vane as Hereditary peerage.


Number Surname Forenames Held from Held to
1st Vane Christopher Fri 25th Jul 1698 Thu 28th Oct 1723
2nd Vane Gilbert Thu 28th Oct 1723 Fri 27th Apr 1753
3rd Vane Henry Fri 27th Apr 1753 Mon 6th Mar 1758
4th Vane Henry Mon 6th Mar 1758 Sat 8th Sep 1792
5th Vane William Harry Sat 8th Sep 1792 Sat 29th Jan 1842
6th Vane Henry Sat 29th Jan 1842 Mon 18th Jan 1864
7th Vane William John Frederick Mon 18th Jan 1864 Tue 6th Sep 1864
8th Powlett Harry George Tue 6th Sep 1864 Fri 21st Aug 1891
9th Vane Henry de Vere Fri 21st Aug 1891 Sat 28th Dec 1918
10th Vane Christopher William Sat 28th Dec 1918 Mon 19th Oct 1964
11th Vane Harry John Neville Mon 19th Oct 1964 Sun 3rd Apr 2016

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