of Salisbury (Marquessate)

of Salisbury (Marquessate)

A peerage of the Kingdom of Great Britain.

Letters patent issued on Mon 24th Aug 1789

To James Cecil as Promotion.


Number Surname Forenames Held from Held to
1st Cecil James Mon 24th Aug 1789 Fri 13th Jun 1823
2nd Gascoyne-Cecil James Brownlow William Fri 13th Jun 1823 Sun 12th Apr 1868
3rd Gascoyne-Cecil Robert Arthur Talbot Sun 12th Apr 1868 Sat 22nd Aug 1903
4th Gascoyne-Cecil James Edward Hubert Sat 22nd Aug 1903 Fri 4th Apr 1947
5th Gascoyne-Cecil Robert Arthur James Fri 4th Apr 1947 Wed 23rd Feb 1972
6th Gascoyne-Cecil Robert Edward Peter Wed 23rd Feb 1972 Fri 11th Jul 2003
7th Gascoyne-Cecil Robert Michael James Fri 11th Jul 2003 -

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