Frankfort de Montmorency (Viscountcy)

A peerage of the Kingdom of Ireland.

Letters patent issued on Fri 12th Jan 1816

To Lodge Evans de Montmorency as Promotion in the peerage of Ireland.


Number Surname Forenames Held from Held to
1st de Montmorency Lodge Evans Fri 12th Jan 1816 Sat 21st Sep 1822
2nd de Montmorency Lodge Reymond Sat 21st Sep 1822 Wed 25th Dec 1889
3rd de Montmorency Reymond Hervey Wed 25th Dec 1889 Wed 7th May 1902
4th de Montmorency Willoughby John Horace Wed 7th May 1902 Thu 5th Jul 1917

Peerage extinct on Thu 5th Jul 1917 with the 4th holder .

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