of Camperdown (Earldom)

of Camperdown, of Lundie in the County of Forfar and of Gleneagles in the County of Perth (Earldom)

A peerage of the United Kingdom.

Letters patent issued on Mon 12th Sep 1831

To Robert Dundas Haldane-Duncan as Promotion.


Number Surname Forenames Held from Held to
1st Haldane-Duncan Robert Dundas Mon 12th Sep 1831 Thu 22nd Dec 1859
2nd Duncan-Haldane Adam Thu 22nd Dec 1859 Wed 30th Jan 1867
3rd Haldane-Duncan Robert Adam Philips Haldane Wed 30th Jan 1867 Wed 5th Jun 1918
4th Haldane-Duncan George Alexander Philips Wed 5th Jun 1918 Tue 5th Dec 1933

Peerage extinct on Tue 5th Dec 1933 with the 4th holder .

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