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Person Peerage Start On End On
Simon Harcourt Harcourt (Viscountcy) Thu 11th Sep 1721 Tue 29th Jul 1727
Thomas Taylour of Headfort (Marquessate) Tue 30th Dec 1800 Sat 24th Oct 1829
Thomas Taylour of Headfort (Marquessate) Sat 24th Oct 1829 Tue 6th Dec 1870
William Hotham Hotham (Barony) Fri 17th Mar 1797 Sun 2nd May 1813
Hugo Hirst Hirst, of Witton in the County of Warwick (Barony) Thu 28th Jun 1934 Fri 22nd Jan 1943
Leslie Hore-Belisha Hore-Belisha, of Devonport in the County of Devon (Barony) Thu 14th Jan 1954 Sat 16th Feb 1957
Philip Yorke Hardwicke (Barony) Mon 23rd Nov 1733 Tue 6th Mar 1764
Benjamin Mildmay Harwich (Viscountcy) Sun 14th May 1730 Sun 29th Feb 1756
William Stanhope Harrington (Barony) Fri 6th Jan 1730 Wed 8th Dec 1756
Charles Stanhope Harrington (Barony) Thu 1st Apr 1779 Tue 15th Sep 1829
Christopher Hatton Hatton (Viscountcy) Sun 17th Jan 1683
Trevor Hill Hillsborough (Viscountcy) Sat 21st Aug 1717 Sat 5th May 1742
Wills Hill Hillsborough (Viscountcy) Sat 5th May 1742 Mon 7th Oct 1793
Arthur Francis Nicholas Wills Hill Hillsborough (Viscountcy) Thu 18th Dec 2003
Henry Rich of Holland (Earldom) Tue 24th Sep 1624 Tue 9th Mar 1649
Arthur Pomeroy Harberton (Barony) Fri 10th Oct 1783 Wed 11th Apr 1798
John Ralph Ormsby-Gore Harlech, of Harlech in the County of Merioneth (Barony) Fri 14th Jan 1876 Thu 15th Jun 1876
Jasset David Cody Ormsby Gore Harlech, of Harlech in the County of Merioneth (Barony) Mon 1st Feb 2016
Francis David Ormsby-Gore Harlech, of Harlech in the County of Merioneth (Barony) Sat 26th Jan 1985 Mon 1st Feb 2016
Douglas Haig Haig (Earldom) Mon 29th Sep 1919 Sun 29th Jan 1928