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Person Peerage Start On End On
Quintin McGarel Hogg Hailsham of St Marylebone, of Herstmonceux in the County of Sussex (Barony) Tue 30th Jun 1970 Fri 12th Oct 2001
Jeremy John Heywood Heywood of Whitehall, of Glossop in the County of Derbyshire (Barony) Fri 26th Oct 2018 Sun 4th Nov 2018
Rowland Hill Hill, of Hawkstone and of Hardwicke in the County of Salop (Viscountcy) Tue 27th Sep 1842 Sat 10th Dec 1842
Peter David Raymond Charles Clegg-Hill Hill, of Hawkstone and of Hardwicke in the County of Salop (Viscountcy) Wed 12th Mar 2003
Robert Hampden-Trevor Hampden (Viscountcy) Fri 14th Jun 1776 Fri 22nd Aug 1783
Dudley Ryder Harrowby (Barony) Mon 20th Jun 1803 Sun 26th Dec 1847
Nathaniel Ryder Harrowby (Barony) Mon 20th May 1776 Mon 20th Jun 1803
Dudley Adrian Conroy Ryder Harrowby (Barony) Tue 9th Oct 2007
John Francis Cradock Howden (Barony) Tue 19th Oct 1819 Fri 26th Jul 1839
Bennet Sherard Harborough (Barony) Fri 19th Oct 1714 Thu 16th Oct 1732
Thomas Pelham Holles Houghton (Viscountcy) Fri 19th Oct 1714 Thu 17th Nov 1768
Alexander Hume Campbell Hume (Barony) Mon 20th May 1776 Fri 9th Mar 1781
George Allanson Winn Headley (Barony) Mon 27th Nov 1797 Mon 9th Apr 1798
Elizabeth Campbell Hamilton (Barony) Mon 20th May 1776 Mon 20th Dec 1790
Wills Hill of Hillsborough (Earldom) Fri 28th Aug 1772 Mon 7th Oct 1793
Arthur Francis Nicholas Wills Hill of Hillsborough (Earldom) Thu 18th Dec 2003
Charles Montagu of Halifax (Earldom) Fri 19th Oct 1714 Sun 19th May 1715
Thomas St Lawrence of Howth (Earldom) Thu 3rd Sep 1767 Tue 29th Sep 1801
William Ulick Tristram St Lawrence of Howth (Earldom) Wed 4th Feb 1874 Tue 9th Mar 1909
Claud Hamilton Hamilton (Barony) Mon 14th Aug 1634 Mon 14th Jun 1638