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Kingdom Reign Issued on Peerage types Peerages Issued to
United Kingdom Elizabeth II Fri 22nd Sep 1967 Life peerage: Life Peerages Act 1958 Douglass of Cleveland DOUGLASS Harry
United Kingdom George III Wed 11th May 1814 Promotion Douro WELLESLEY Arthur
United Kingdom George III Mon 4th Sep 1809 Hereditary peerage Douro WELLESLEY Arthur
Kingdom of England James II Sun 13th May 1685 Hereditary peerage Dover JERMYN Henry
Kingdom of England Charles I Wed 8th Mar 1628 Promotion Dover CAREY Henry
United Kingdom William IV Mon 20th Jun 1831 Hereditary peerage Dover AGAR ELLIS George James Welbore
Kingdom of Great Britain George III Thu 18th Sep 1788 Hereditary peerage Dover YORKE Joseph
Kingdom of Great Britain Anne Sat 26th May 1708 Hereditary peerage (already peer of Scotland) Dover DOUGLAS James
United Kingdom Elizabeth II Mon 18th Jan 1954 Hereditary peerage Dovercourt HOLMES Joseph Stanley
United Kingdom George V Sat 6th Jan 1917 Hereditary peerage Doverdale PARTINGTON Edward
United Kingdom George VI Mon 5th Jul 1943 Hereditary peerage Dowding DOWDING Hugh Caswall Tremenheere
Kingdom of Ireland Charles II Sat 21st Sep 1675 Peerage of Ireland Downe DUCIE William
Kingdom of Ireland Charles I Mon 16th Oct 1628 Peerage of Ireland Downe POPE William
Kingdom of Ireland Charles II Wed 19th Feb 1681 Peerage of Ireland Downe DAWNAY John
Kingdom of Ireland George IV Tue 10th Dec 1822 Peerage of Ireland Downes DOWNES William
United Kingdom George V Sat 16th Nov 1918 Hereditary peerage Downham FISHER William Hayes
United Kingdom George V Fri 12th Oct 1934 Hereditary peerage Downpatrick George Edward Alexander Edmund
Kingdom of Ireland George III Thu 20th Aug 1789 Promotion in the peerage of Ireland Downshire HILL Wills
United Kingdom Elizabeth II Sun 20th Jun 2010 Life peerage: Life Peerages Act 1958 Drake DRAKE Jean Lesley Patricia
United Kingdom Elizabeth II Tue 1st Jun 2004 Life peerage: Life Peerages Act 1958 Drayson DRAYSON Paul Rudd