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Kingdom Reign Issued on Peerage types Peerages Issued to
United Kingdom George V Wed 21st Jun 1911 Hereditary peerage Aberconway MCLAREN Charles Benjamin Bright
Kingdom of Ireland Victoria Mon 10th Aug 1868 Promotion in the peerage of Ireland Abercorn HAMILTON James
Kingdom of Great Britain George III Fri 15th Oct 1790 Promotion Abercorn HAMILTON John James
United Kingdom George III Thu 28th May 1801 Hereditary peerage Abercromby ABERCROMBY Mary Anne
United Kingdom Victoria Sat 23rd Aug 1873 Hereditary peerage Aberdare BRUCE Henry Austin
United Kingdom George V Sat 15th May 1915 Hereditary peerage (already peer of Scotland) Aberdeen and Temair GORDON John Campbell
United Kingdom Victoria Fri 14th Jan 1876 Promotion Abergavenny NEVILL William
Kingdom of Great Britain George III Mon 17th May 1784 Promotion Abergavenny NEVILL George
United Kingdom George VI Wed 26th Jun 1940 Hereditary peerage Abertay BARRIE Charles Coupar
Kingdom of England Charles II Mon 30th Nov 1682 Promotion Abingdon BERTIE James
United Kingdom William IV Mon 12th Jan 1835 Hereditary peerage Abinger SCARLETT James
United Kingdom Victoria Sat 18th Sep 1847 Hereditary peerage Acheson ACHESON Archibald
United Kingdom Elizabeth II Thu 30th Jan 1986 Life peerage: Appellate Jurisdiction Act 1876 Ackner ACKNER Desmond James Conrad
United Kingdom Victoria Sat 11th Dec 1869 Hereditary peerage Acton DALBERG-ACTON John Emerich Edward
United Kingdom Elizabeth II Mon 17th Apr 2000 Life peerage: already a hereditary peer Acton of Bridgnorth LYON-DALBERG-ACTON Richard Gerald
United Kingdom George VI Wed 16th Feb 1949 Hereditary peerage Adams ADAMS John Jackson
United Kingdom Elizabeth II Tue 28th Jun 2005 Life peerage: Life Peerages Act 1958 Adams of Craigielea ADAMS Katherine Patricia Irene
Kingdom of Ireland George IV Tue 5th Feb 1822 Hereditary peerage subsidiary to another created by the same letters patent Adare QUIN Valentine Richard
Kingdom of Ireland George III Thu 31st Jul 1800 Peerage of Ireland Adare QUIN Valentine Richard
United Kingdom George III Sat 25th Nov 1815 Promotion Adbaston WHITWORTH Charles