Letters patent issued on Fri 13th May 1695

To William Russell

A peerage of the Kingdom of England , during the reign of William III

Previously known as Duke of Bedford in the Peerage of the Kingdom of England.

Ordinality on date:

Person prefix:

Person suffix:

Previous of title: true


  1. Lord Howland


C 231/8, p. 338 where dated 13 June (sic); 7 Will. III, pt. 1 (C 66/3378) no. 21 where dated 13 May; the latter has been preferred since the entry in the docket book is, exceptionally, out of sequence and the authorizing warrant is dated 2 May (Calendar of State Papers Domestic 1694-5, p. 452); original LP dated 13 May (information kindly supplied by Mrs A. Mitchell, Archivist, Woburn Abbey); dated 13 June (sic) in CP, ii, 79