Letters Patent for the Kingdom of England

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All letters patent for Kingdom of England

Kingdom Reign Issued on Peerage types Peerages Issued to
Kingdom of England Charles I Sun 25th Oct 1643 Hereditary peerage (already peer of Ireland) Vaughan VAUGHAN Richard
Kingdom of England Charles I Fri 25th Jul 1625 Hereditary peerage Vere VERE Horace
Kingdom of England James I Thu 12th Jul 1618 Hereditary peerage Verulam BACON Francis
Kingdom of England William III and Mary II Tue 20th Mar 1691 Hereditary peerage subsidiary to another created by the same letters patent, Hereditary peerage Villiers, Villiers VILLIERS Edward
Kingdom of England James I Sat 27th Aug 1616 Hereditary peerage Villiers VILLIERS George